Italian Islands
Introducing Italy's Idyllic Islands

When you think of Italy you probably do not immediately think of its islands. You are perhaps more likely to picture well-known places like Florence, Rome and Venice.

So you may be surprised to learn there are in fact over 700 official Italian islands - although most of these are little more than rocks in the sea and in danger of losing their ‘island’ status at any time!

Several of the uninhabited islands can be visited for diving, fishing or walking excursions - you can even wade to some of them!

However, there are 30 or so inhabited Italian islands that make ideal holiday destinations. There is Sardinia with its remarkably beautiful beaches, Sicily with its rich cultural heritage and a whole host of smaller offshore islands, each unmistakably Italian but also boasting their own independent character and wealth of treasures to be discovered.

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These idyllic islands are Italy’s best kept secret, mostly unknown by mainstream tourism. We at Italian Islands Ltd invite you to stay in our personally selected properties and so discover these island jewels for yourself whilst enjoying the unique cultures and cuisines of these individual worlds.

For couples, families and groups of friends we offer villas, apartments, family-friendly residences and some choice hotels and organic farms.

We are a small family-run company on good terms with the owners of all the properties we offer.

We always personally visit each property and regularly holiday in the Italian islands - staying in our own accommodation naturally! So we are in the perfect position to provide you with valuable insights into these amazing locations and are ready to help you choose the property and island that is right for you.

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